MP Corona Vaccination More Than 40 Lakh Children Vaccinated Total Vaccination More Than 13 Crore ANN


MP Child Covid-19 Vaccination News: Even children are not behind in the battle of Corona in Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, more than 40 lakh children have got the protection vaccinated. Apart from this, if we talk about total vaccines, then this figure is more than 13 crore 19 lakh. The number of corona patients in Madhya Pradesh is continuously decreasing. Now there are 161 active patients in Madhya Pradesh. Only a few days are left to win the war against Corona completely.

According to information received from health department officials, 40,00082 children in the age group of 12 to 14 years in Madhya Pradesh have created history by getting vaccinated for protection. Apart from this, 13 crore 19 lakh 17 thousand 937 vaccines have been administered so far in the state. Of these, the first dose was administered to 6 crore 7 lakh 14 thousand 277 people while the second dose was administered to 5 crore 90 lakh 59 thousand 556 people. In this episode, one crore 21 lakh 44 thousand 154 people have been given precaution dose.

1.5 million positive in MP

So far in Madhya Pradesh, according to government records, 10 lakh 54 thousand 104 people have turned out to be positive, while 10 lakh 46 thousand 172 people have recovered and gone home. So far 10771 people have died of corona in MP. At present 161 patients are active in Madhya Pradesh. Talking about the last 24 hours, 19 new patients have appeared while 28 patients have recovered and returned home.

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