Nestle Plans To Invest Rs 5000 Crore In India By 2025


Nestle SA Investment in India: The world’s leading food and beverage company Nestle has made a big announcement about its investment plan in India on Friday. FMCG company Nestle SA plans to invest Rs 5,000 crore in India by the year 2025.

See what the company said
Nestle S.A. Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Schneider said on Friday that, the company has to strengthen its core business in India. This investment will further boost Nestle’s business in the country. It will also help in taking advantage of new opportunities.

so much investment
Giving information about the company’s investment plans, Schnader said that the company plans to invest Rs 5,000 crore in the next few years. He said that the company has invested Rs 8,000 crore during its manufacturing journey of 60 years in India. The company’s presence in India has been operating for more than 110 years, but manufacturing activities here were started in the 1960s. The Indian market is one of Nestle’s top 10 markets.

setting up of new plants
Schneider says that this investment will be in the form of capital expenditure, which will lead to the establishment of new plants. Also new plants can be acquired. The company’s product portfolio will expand. The company has nine plants in the country and is looking for new locations to set up manufacturing centres.

business will increase
On this occasion, Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestle India, says that there will be a special focus on increasing the core business of the company. The investment plan will focus on sustaining rapid growth, being sustainable and taking advantage of new business opportunities, he said.

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