New Toll Price Feature Has Come On Google Map, Will Show Toll Price Even Before Starting The Ride



Google Map will show toll price, traffic light, stop sign to the users. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a toll booth on Google Maps? If the map shows you the route as well as toll prices, it can be very convenient. Well, now Google Maps will show the toll prices even before you start your journey. The feature is initially available for over 2,000 roads in the US, Japan, India and Indonesia.

Google has made sure that Maps is a place where we already know our destination route. After adding the Air Quality Index feature earlier this month, Google has now added a toll price feature to Maps. This is expected to make commuting much easier, as it will enable users to understand their route better.

Google Maps will show the toll price in different variables:

Google first started showing toll prices in April. At that time, it was intended to help passengers choose between toll roads and others. Now, the map will show the estimated toll price of the destination before the start of the journey. Several variables will be taken into consideration including whether or not toll is passed, day of the week and travel time.

How to Check Toll Price on Google Map?

To view toll prices on Google Maps, you can go to the navigation settings and enable the option ‘View toll pass prices’. Google has said that users will still be able to choose between toll roads and regular roads by enabling the ‘Avoid toll road’ option under ‘Route options’. Users can also check toll pass prices with or without toll pass.

Map users in India will be able to see the toll price:

The new Estimated Toll Pass Price feature on Google Maps is available on both Android and iOS. Map users in India, Indonesia, Japan and the US are the first countries to use this feature for over 2,000 roads.



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