NFT House In Florida Sells For $6,54,309.60 In Historic Auction



A 4-bedroom property was sold as non-fungible token for 210 Ether in Florida, United States

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the new rage. It could also be branching out into a new market: real estate. In what could be one of the first sale of a house using NFTs, a woman from Florida purchased a 4-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath property in Tampa Bay in an online auction on February 10. Leslie Alessandra, co -founder of the crypto business DeFi Unlimited, wanted to sell the house as an NFT to encourage people to embrace this technology. The property was eventually sold for 210 Ether, which was the equivalent of $6,54,309.60 (roughly Rs. 4.93 crores) at the time of the sale.

The “Spanish-inspired estate” is located in “artsy and charming Gulfport, Florida,” according to Propy, which organized the online auction and transaction. The grounds of the property are well maintained with a garden area, wood trellis, and firepit.

Propy describes the location as “ideal” and adds it’s “just minutes away from the sugar-white sands and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico on St Pete Beach”, where visitors can engage in “surfing, paddleboarding and other water-based activities “

Propy further mentions that in 2021, Tripadvisor ranked this destination beach as No. 1 in the US.

The winning bidder was awarded an NFT as proof of the property’s ownership. A report in the Tampa Bay Times stated that a user named AJ bought the house. The report quoted Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva as saying that the buyer’s first name was Amanda and the person was US based. Ms Karayaneva further stated that she would not be able to provide any additional information without the buyer’s permission.

In a tweet, Ms Karayaneva wrote that “seller and the buyer” were “both female crypto holders”, and that she couldn’t “wait to learn more about the buyer in the upcoming days”.

NFTs are most commonly used for digital collectibles such as art and music, where ownership can be transferred and validated via the blockchain, which is a decentralised and secure online ledger.



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