North Korea Kim Jong Un Denies Sending Weapons To Russia Amid Russia Ukraine War


North Korea on Weapons: North Korea has dismissed reports of arms and ammunition being exported to Russia during the war in Ukraine. North Korea says it has not exported any weapons to Russia during the war in Ukraine and has no plans to do so. North Korea has accused America of spreading rumours, saying that the US intelligence report is an attempt to malign the image of our country. According to state media reports, a North Korean defense official has instructed the US not to make any remarks with carelessness and keep your mouth shut.

Rumors of giving arms to Russia dismissed

Earlier this month, Joe Biden administration officials confirmed US intelligence assessments between Russia and Ukraine that Russia was in the process of buying weapons from North Korea, including millions of artillery shells and rockets. The statement to North Korea comes weeks after Moscow called the US intelligence report fake.

US accused of trying to malign image

The North Korean official insisted that Pyongyang never recognized UN Security Council sanctions against the country. According to a statement published by the official Korean Central News Agency, the official said the export and import of military equipment is a legitimate right for a sovereign nation. US intelligence reports are an attempt to tarnish the image of our North Korea.

No plans to give arms to Russia

The North Korean official said that we have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and we will not plan to export them. It is not certain where the rumor came from, which the US is spreading, but it is aimed at tarnishing the image of the DPRK i.e. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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