Pakistan Can Give Tension China By Helping Britain To Arm Ukraine Says Report


Pakistan Helps Britain: A report has revealed that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is also seen following the path of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and arming Ukraine by going against Russia. We are helping Britain to do this, which may increase the concern of China. In fact, China is helping Russia in the ongoing war with Ukraine, but Pakistan is helping Britain to deliver weapons to Ukraine.

According to a report by, flight tracking websites have found that Britain’s Royal Air Force has flown from Romania to Pakistan Air Force’s Noor Khan airbase in Chakla. Not only this, Pakistan’s army chief General Bajwa has also gone to Britain. Recently, General Bajwa was given the rare special honor of being the Queen’s representative during the Sovereign’s Parade at the Military Academy Sandhurst. Apart from this, he has also become the first Pakistani to address the passing out parade of the Academy. In such a situation, it is believed that without any benefit, Britain is not going to give so much respect to Pakistan.

Pakistan growing relations with western countries

Pakistan’s relations with the West have not been strong for the last few years, so this secret cooperation between Pakistan and Britain along with its strong ties with China has been a sign of change in geopolitics. According to the report of, the army chief had called for a geo-economic strategy last year in view of the dire economic situation of Pakistan and the sword of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) sanctions. The general is now keen to visit the US, a clear sign of the Pakistani military’s deliberate moves to defuse the country’s chaos in recent years.

Bajwa is trying to publicly show that the army is leading the country to avert economic collapse. Although there is no noise of this clandestine air traffic in Pakistan, but the huge movement of arms from Rawalpindi to Ukraine is a proof of this.

Pakistan sending arms to Ukraine through Romania

According to a report by, the RAF’s Boeing C-17A Globemaster III with the call sign ‘ZZ173’ can carry up to 77,000 kg of cargo. However, there is no clarity as to what kind of arms and ammunition Pakistan is sending to Romania’s Avram Incu Cluj International Airport. It is likely that a consignment of 155 artillery elephants made in Pakistan’s Ordinance Factory is going to Ukraine via Romania.

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