Pakistan Hijab Namaz Valentines Day Medical College | Pakistan News: Pakistani Medical College said


A medical college in the capital of Pakistan has issued guidelines to its students on ‘Valentine’s Day’. In these guidelines, girls have been asked to wear hijab and boys to maintain a distance of two meters from girls and wear white caps with prayers. This information has been given in a news.

According to the news of the newspaper ‘Friday Times’, Islamabad International Medical College (Islamabad International Medical College) has issued a circular on Saturday to the students for ‘Valentine’s Day’ celebrations and related “activities that lead the youth to the wrong path”. are forbidden to participate in.

What else was said in the circular?
“All girl students should be well covered with hijab as per the university dress code, head, neck and chest,” the circular said. Strict orders have been given to all the students to wear white cap with Namaz.

The circular also warned that members of the college staff would patrol the campus to nab students violating these guidelines. Quoting the circular of the college, it has been said in the news that those who violate these rules will be fined. The college was established in 1996, and is a medical school affiliated to Rifa International University.

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