Pakistan Pm Imran Khan Admitted The Failure Of The Government | Pakistan: Imran Khan admitted the failure of the government, said


Pakistan: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday admitted that he could not bring about a revolutionary change in the country as he had promised before coming to power. Expressing regret for this, Imran described the failure of the government.

According to a report published in the Pakistan newspaper Dawn, Imran said that, in the initial phase, we tried to bring about rapid change by taking revolutionary steps, but later we realized that our system is not ready to bear such shocks. Let me tell you, Imran said these things in the honor ceremony of 10 big ministers of his government. He said that he and his government could not bring the results that they had promised.

There is no relation between the government and the interest of the country: Imran

Imran Khan said that, the biggest problem behind this was that there is no relation between the government and the interest of the country. He told that our ministers are working on how to improve the condition of the people of the country and how to eliminate the poverty of the country.

No-confidence motion against Imran

At the same time, the Pakistan Democratic Movement has announced that it will bring a no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan in Pakistan’s parliament.

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