Prayagraj Flood After Rising Water In Ganga And Yamuna By Four Centimeters Every Hour And Administration Alert People


UP News: The effect of continuous heavy rains in the hilly areas is now visible in many rivers of UP. Many rivers in Prayagraj are in spate due to the ever-increasing water level after heavy rains. The water level of Ganga and Yamuna is increasing in the city of Sangam. The water of the Ganges has reached Hanuman lying near the confluence.

The flood waters of the Ganges reached the Hanuman temple lying on the banks of the Sangam at midnight. As soon as the flood waters entered the temple, happiness was expressed by blowing the conch-bell and gharial. Mahant Balvir Giri and other priests of the temple performed special worship and aarti during this time. It is believed that when Mother Ganga anoints Bajrangbali with her water, there is no divine calamity in Prayagraj that year.


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