Prayagraj Hospital Is Facing Shortage Of Ambulance Driver Truth Came Ann


UP News: Shocking information has come to the fore about the government hospital in Sangam city of Prayagraj, from where the father carried the body of a 10-year-old child on his shoulder when the dead body was not found. There are four ambulances and one dead body in this government hospital run by the Medical College, but there is only one driver to drive these five vehicles. According to the rules, there should be at least sixteen drivers and as many helpers on these five vehicles, but here the work of 32 people is being taken from only one driver.

The hospital is facing shortage of staff

It is being told that this is the reason why no one gets an ambulance or a dead body except a few influential people from the hospital. In such a situation, people either have to pay exorbitant money to the private ambulance people or they are forced to kneel in front of the helpless system and carry the dead bodies of their loved ones on their shoulders. At present, when we talked to the people responsible for this, they confirmed it, but also clarified that a proposal has been sent for the appointment of drivers and helpers. Once approved, the recruitment process will be started.

The only driver of the hospital will also retire soon

How serious is the medical college administration regarding the recruitment, it can be gauged from the fact that the lone driver is single-handedly pushing the sick system’s vehicle for the last eight months. By the way, for the last several years, the ambulances and dead bodies were plying with the help of two drivers. After the retirement of a driver from the month of December last year, the entire burden fell on the shoulders of the only survivor, Rajaram Dubey. Rajaram, the lone driver, has to work full time and this has made his life hell. Rajaram is always in tension about when the call of any sir comes. By the way, there is only one year left in his retirement.

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Patient looked upset for ambulance

Along with Riyaz and Siraj, many people were found outside the post-mortem house of the district administration running in the hospital premises, who appeared worried about the dead body or ambulance. Due to non-receipt of the dead body, Riyaz had to call for a battery rickshaw to carry the body of his close relative, while Siraj, from a very poor family, was forced to take a private ambulance for Rs 900 for a distance of five kilometers. By the way, there is also an allegation that the hospital administration is making government ambulances and dead bodies only showpieces in lieu of commissions from private ambulance operators. Private ambulances are parked at various places in the hospital premises. It collects money from people arbitrarily. According to Dr. Ajay Saxena, Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, the shortage of drivers is causing problems. Will try to remove it soon.

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