Punjab Election Bikram Singh Majithia Said Navjot Singh Sidhu Is Joker And Cm Charanjit Singh Channi Is Man Of Money | Punjab Election: Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia targeted Sidhu, said



Bikram Singh Majithia On Navjot Singh Sidhu: As the date of elections is getting closer in Punjab, the political temperature is only rising. Meanwhile, Akali Dal leader Bikram Singh Majithia has given a statement regarding Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. He has said that Sidhu sahib should give me any challenge or not, the challenge is given by those who are serious. He talks a lot and he himself does not remember what he says, so I never take Sidhu seriously. He said that for me he is a product of a laughter channel. During this, Majithia even said that I see him as a clown, the way Duniya sees him.

Majithia said this on contesting from Amritsar

Regarding contesting elections from Amritsar, Majithia said that I never went to the party that I have to contest from this seat, people’s demand was that I should contest from this seat. He said that every time I had contested the election from Majitha and the party had given me a ticket from there. I was not even Amritsar when he announced my ticket, however when I came to know, I asked him are you sure as this is a completely new light and Congress considers this area as its stronghold. And in many places here we do not even have workers. Majithia said that when I have come here, I have come with the blessings of the people of Majitha, I have a commitment with the people of Majitha, they allowed me only on one condition that you have to contest elections from your family.

He said that in my family there is only my wife, apart from this everyone is older. After that, when we came here, we were campaigning on both the seats, but the question of the people was that if you win both the seats, which seat will you keep with you. I had never thought so far. This question was being asked to me again and again for three days, it was a big problem for me, I was feeling with whom I would cheat. Because of which I had to take a decision, I left lightly and have come here to win the hearts of the people.

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Sidhu is an opportunistic man – Majithia

Majithia said that Sidhu has had this light for a very long time for the progress of this community. Apart from pride, he does not get to see any work in this circle. I never said anything about him, Navjot Singh Sidhu will not give me character certificate, he is a character less man. He said that our people had won him. Sidhu sahib is a man of chance. We change according to the circumstances, we are not among them. Like Sidhu, I don’t leave the party or run lightly. I don’t need their proof. The man who left the country and embraced General Bajwa, when our soldiers took action on Balakot, then spoke the language of Pakistan on him and raised questions. I welcome my soldiers to the martyrs of my people, look at Sidhu’s condition, what is it today, abusing every person. And those who used to go to different places to campaign, they have been thrown in the street. Ravneet Bittu is coming to promote them, as much as people are angry, they should save their deposits. People’s demand was that people are unhappy who talk about the model of Punjab, why is it not applicable in their community. He said that this is not a fight of Majithia Sidhu, it is a fight of this light.

People will answer to Congress

Majathia targeted the Congress party for changing the CM. He said that if his CM was not working then why was he sitting silent. When the party wants Rahul to keep taking such decisions, people will understand how intelligent Rahul is. On making Channi the CM face, Majithia said that what is Channi’s identity, it is Channi’s money. From day one I am saying that tickets have been sold to the mafia. They are running their own party by looting the treasury of Punjab. Investigation is going on, all will be caught. He said that Channi’s relative used to collect money for him, what has Channi and the Congress government done to improve the condition of Dalits, what work have you done for Dalits. Today Congress is doing caste politics in Punjab. Congress is doing politics and people have understood that Majithia is not so weak.

What will be the responsibility of Punjab who is unable to protect the PM

Regarding the lapse in PM’s security, Majithia said that those who could not give security to the PM, they would be able to give security to the people of Punjab. He said that I have been targeted, three DGPs have changed, if you impose such a section on someone who does not have bail. In fact, in view of the elections, you are registering such cases against me. Majithia said that Punjabis take their own decisions, no one can run them. Our main contest is with Congress, we are going to get full majority.

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