Rajasthan News 50 Lakh People Will Not Get Free Wheat In Rajasthan In October Ann | Rajasthan News: 50 lakh people will not get free wheat in Rajasthan next month, know


Rajasthan News: In Rajasthan this Diwali, about 50 lakh people will not get the benefit of wheat from the central government. In fact, the central government has suddenly cut the wheat quota of food security by about 20 percent. Because of this, more than 50 lakh people in the state will not get free wheat in the month of October. After cutting this wheat quota, the officials have lost their sleep. Now a letter is being written to the central government demanding to increase the wheat quota.

In fact, on behalf of the state government, the officers of the Food Security Department have to give the utilization certificate of wheat allotted by the central government every three months. Only then does the central government release wheat from there. But this time due to the slowness of the officers, this certificate was not given to the central government. Due to this, the central government cut the wheat quota allotted by 20 percent in the month of August, taking it as the basis. In such a situation, 50 lakh families of the state Diwali But can’t get it cheap. Let us tell you that two years ago, the Central Government started the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana to provide relief to the needy people in Corona.

41 thousand metric tons cut
In Rajasthan, 41 thousand metric tonnes of wheat has been cut by the Central Government under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. In the month of August, more than two lakh metric tonnes of wheat was allotted. Whereas 1.62 lakh metric tonnes were allotted in the month of September. Under this scheme, every 5 kg of wheat is given free of cost to the eligible people of food security. At the same time, 5 kg is available separately in the scheme issued by the state government. By doing this, 10 kg of wheat is given to the consumers every month. On the other hand, the availability of wheat has reduced after the reduction in wheat by the central government. A crisis has arisen in front of the department as to how much they should give because the government’s criteria are to give 5 kg.

Crisis in front of ration dealers
The Ration Dealers Association of the state has written a letter to the district logistics officers saying that due to the reduction in the allocation of wheat, a crisis has arisen in front of them as to which consumer they will distribute wheat to and who will not. In such a situation, the system may deteriorate. After this, the district logistics officers have also written a letter to the state government demanding that the quota of wheat be continued. DSO Shiv Lal said that the quota of wheat has been reduced by about 20 percent in comparison to the month of August across the state. In the past also a letter was written to the state government regarding increasing the quota. Officials believe that the central government will comply with the letter sent by the state government and will increase the wheat quota.

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