Raju Srivastav: Gym and steroids both have a connection with heart attack, understand these things to avoid


 Comedian Raju Srivastav: Famous comedian Raju Srivastav passed away today at the age of 58 in AIIMS Hospital, Delhi. He was hospitalized for the last one and a half months. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment due to a heart attack. He was on ventilator for a long time. Raju was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi on 10 August. He had angioplasty on the same day.  

We have not only the king of comedy Raju Srivastava, but before this many such famous and young artists have gone from this world. In which the names of Siddharth Shukla, Dipesh Bhan and many others are included. The reason for the death of all of them was revealed to include heavy workouts and exercise along with steroids like protein powder in their lifestyle. Let us tell you in detail that the reason behind the death of all these stars is how much time you should give to the gym in your life as well as what things you should keep in mind while doing workouts. So that no such untoward incident happens to you.

Give Hardcore Exercise How Much Time 
By the way, common people should avoid heavy workouts. It is enough to give you 20 to 25 minutes a day to stay fit. In this too, you exercise lightly. You should pay attention to such exercises in which all parts of the body work. On the other hand, doctors believe that high-intensity workouts are only right for athletes. 

Exercising too much can cause these dangers
Exercising with high intensity can cause sudden heart failure. Not only this, it can also cause your brain haemorrhage. Exercising too much can also increase the risk of cardiac arrest. 

Know the disadvantages of steroids
Tell you that steroids that make you fit and muscular body can prove fatal to your health. According to research, it can also increase the risk of heart disease, which can also be fatal. Not only this, there is a possibility of increasing the risk of liver diseases due to the use of steroids. It can also damage your liver. 

If you want to increase muscle mass, get protein through diet and not supplements. 


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