Rape Case In Hardoi On The Pretext Of Marriage Case Filed Against Seven People Including Lover ANN


Rape Case in Hardoi: In Pihani Kotwali of Hardoi, a young woman has filed a case against seven people including her lover for physical abuse and molesting by taking hostage. The report also includes the name of the former chairman of Barwar Nagar Panchayat of Lakhimpur district. The girl has accused of taking hostage at the house of the former chairman. ASP Durgesh Kumar Singh said that action is being taken in the matter by registering an FIR. According to the report written in the Pihani Kotwali, the girl’s love affair is going on with the village Rangai Kotwali Pihani, resident of Anand Mohan Tiwari.

rape on the pretext of marriage

The family members of both were aware of the love affair. It is alleged that Anand Mohan Tiwari had physical relations with the girl on the pretext of marriage. The girl claims that there is evidence. A few years ago, Anand Mohan got a job in the army. After getting the job, Anand Mohan Tiwari stopped meeting. The girl called Anand several times and proposed marriage. But Anand refused the marriage. Whenever he calls, Anand makes people talk to his family members.

report against seven people

Anand’s family is also refusing to marry. The girl went to Anand’s house several times. The family members, refusing to marry, abused them and drove them away. A few months back, Anand’s uncle Shyam Mishra got a call from the girl. He told that he has talked about marriage. Will get both married. He called Barwar town to talk about marriage. Believing the words of Anand’s uncle, Barwar went away. Fufa Shyam Mishra took the girl to the house of Sanjay, the former chairman of Barwar (Lakhimpur Kheri).

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Former chairman also accused

Locked in a room at home, the girl was forcefully forced. On protesting, he abused and beat up the girl. The girl was also defamed in her kinship through social media. The father is in shock after the slander. Police have registered a report against Anand Mohan, Satyendra Tiwari alias Bhaiyan resident Rangai Kotwali Pihani, Shyam Mishra resident Mohammadi Kheri, Sanjay Sharma former chairman Barwar (Kheeri), Pihani resident Divya and Anand Mohan’s parents.

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