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Relationship Tips in Hindi: There comes a time in the relationship when the couple wants to give a new name to the relationship. Although this task is not so easy. Before talking at home, boyfriend or girlfriend sometimes feels hesitant to talk about marriage among themselves. There is a big difference between dating and getting married. Marriage is a huge responsibility and many things have to be taken care of to talk about it. In some special ways, you can make this difficult task easier.

Say things from the heart- It is better to speak directly to the partner than to give them a hint in the first talks that now you are in the mood to pursue your relationship. Make them feel that you have started liking them so much, now you are seeing your future with them. After knowing the condition of the partner’s heart, you can talk about marriage accordingly.

Don’t expect too much- It is not necessary that your partner is also thinking what you are thinking for them. Maybe they are not in the mood to get married right now. So don’t set too many expectations in advance. Keep any expectation on this topic only after doing it with your partner or else you may feel the problem.

Decide the seriousness of the relationship Show your partner that you are serious about your relationship. Make them feel that you are not in this relationship for time pass but you want to spend your whole life with them. You can also ask him if he sees his future with you or not.

Take time with partner There is also a need to think practical in this matter. If your partner is ignoring your hint, then you should openly talk to them. Express your own feeling. If he asks you for some time, then also fix the deadline, otherwise things may get worse later.

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