Residents of Khajrana Police took out procession with drums



Often police goons can be seen taking out processions to reduce the fear of miscreants in the area. But if you say that the public took out a police procession and that too with drums, you might not believe it, but something similar happened in the Khajrana police station area of ​​Indore. Let us inform that in the past, some miscreants were arrested by the Khajrana police station in-charge of Indore and their procession was taken out because these miscreants were working to spread terror in the area.

Know here what is the whole matter?

The miscreants had created a ruckus a few days ago at a hotel in Khajrana area in the area and CCTV footage of them waving knives also came to the fore. There was an atmosphere of fear in the area due to the terror of miscreants and in the midst of this atmosphere of fear, the public was feeling insecure. The spirits of the miscreants were constantly rising. Indore Khajrana police station in-charge Dinesh Verma not only arrested the miscreants, but also took out a procession in their area and took them to the place where they had committed the crime and got them to hold a sit-down meeting and also got them cleaned in the hotel.

The video of the entire incident also went viral on social media. After which the people of the area were so happy with the functioning of the station in-charge that they organized an event for the station in-charge and the entire staff. The station in-charge and his team were fully present in the event. When there was an atmosphere of happiness in the area due to the sound of drums, the goons were also instructed by the station in-charge to leave the Khajrana police station area if they want to commit hooliganism and bullying in the area. During this, the residents welcomed the station in-charge with flowers and at the same time the station in-charge assured the public that he would not allow any criminal elements to flourish in the area and would face the criminals openly if any miscreant is seen spreading his feet in the area. If given or any kind of crime or criminal is seen committing any crime, then information should be given immediately, after that you see how the criminal will be eliminated. The station in-charge was welcomed during the program.

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