Reward Naxalite Janmilitia Commander Somaru Caught By Chhattisgarh Police ANN



Chhattisgarh News: Narayanpur Police of Chhattisgarh has got success in arresting a hardcore Naxalite. The arrested Naxalite Somaru Podiam is a mass militia commander, on whom the police had declared a reward of one lakh rupees. Bastar police was looking for this for a long time and finally on Saturday, the police arrested Somaru Podiam from Orchha area. Police said that Somaru Podiam was a Naxalite commander of Bhathbera’s mass militia for the last 10 years. Also he was working with Area Commander Deepak Pallo for a long time. Somaru is said to be the right hand of Deepak Pallo. At present, the police is continuously interrogating the arrested Naxalite Somaru in remand for the information of the Naxalite leaders.

Involved in more than 10 major incidents

Giving information, Narayanpur SP Girja Shankar Jaiswal said that the police got information from the informer that the mass militia commander Somaru Podiam has come to his house in Bhatbeda. The DRG team was dispatched immediately after the information. The police team was going to lay siege to Somaru’s house. During this, Somaru soldiers were seen running towards the forest, after which the DRG jawans laid siege to Somaru and brought Somaru to Narayanpur headquarters. Narayanpur SP said that the arrested Somaru has been involved in many major Naxalite incidents in Podiam district, in which along with attacking a contingent of soldiers who went out on search several times, has also been involved in incidents like blast and arson.

Joined the Naxalite organization at the age of 13

Apart from this, in the year 2020, he was involved in the encounter with the soldiers near Godadi, in which the jawan Santuram Vadde was martyred, apart from this, he has been involved in many other big incidents. The SP said that Somaru Podiam joined the Bal Sangham of Naxalites along with Lakhmu Waititi and Kopa Koyam in 2006 at the age of 13 at the behest of Naxalite Commander Pali and later in 2009 Naxalite Commander Deepak Pallo joined Somaru in the Bhatbeda militia. Did. Impressed by its work, within about 6 months, in 2009 itself, Motu Korram was removed and made him the mass militia commander of Bhathbera area. The SP told that Somaru used to keep 12 bore gun in the Naxalite organization and on this the police had declared a reward of one lakh rupees.



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