Roads Can Be Dazzled Only By The Material Of The Old Road, If This Technique Is Adopted Then There Will Be Benefit Of Lakhs Ann



Patna: Reclaim sforting pavement is such a technique in road construction, which will reduce the cost of road construction by half. Old and decaying roads will be uprooted and glazed with the same material. Through this technique, the old material is put in the RAP machine and made it suitable for use in road construction. Dr. Sunil Kumar Choudhary, Vice President of the Federation of Engineers (East) and former General Secretary of Bihar Engineering Services Association, committed to take eco-friendly technology and cost-effective technology to the last line of the society, said these things.

The cost will come down to Rs 28 to 30 lakh.

He said that for its widespread use, a policy needs to be made at the government level as well. Let us inform that at present the cost of single lane road to the department is Rs 80 to 82 lakh per km. But by digging the roads and making roads from their material, this cost will come down to Rs 28 to 30 lakhs. Roads are being constructed in many states with this technology.

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environment will also benefit

Dr. Chowdhary further told that by uprooting the old road and building the road with the same material, only the cost will not be reduced. Actually, this will also benefit the establishments and houses located on both sides of the roads. Frequent asphaltization raises the level of the roads above the level of the edges, thereby flooding the surrounding houses and establishments during the rainy season. When the roads are dug up and rebuilt with their material, their floor will remain the same. The environment will also benefit from widespread use.

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