Salman Rushdie Attacked: The Doctor Who Treated Salman Rushdie Said There Were Many Marks Of The Knife Attack On His Body


Salman Rushdie Attacked: The doctor who treated noted English-language writer Salman Rushdie after the attack said that Rushdie had several stab wounds on his body, one of which was on the right side of his neck and he was covered in blood. had happened. According to the report of America’s prestigious newspaper New York Times. Rita Landman, an endocrinologist present at the event Rushdie was about to address, went on stage to give Rushdie first aid.

Rita said Rushdie’s body had multiple stab wounds, including one on the right side of his neck and he was lying in a pool of blood. He said that although he seemed alive at that time and was not taking CPR. Rita said, “People present there were saying that their heartbeat is going on.”

Rushdie, 75, who was born in Mumbai and won the Booker Prize, was about to begin his lecture Friday during an event at the Chautauqua Institute in West New York when a man stepped onto the stage and punched Rushdie and attacked him with a knife. done. Rushdie has a neck injury. He was being introduced in the program at that time.

Rushdie collapsed on stage after the attack and was seen with blood on his hands. The people present there caught the attacker and later he was taken into custody. Rushdie was given first aid on stage. After the attack on Rushdie, New York State Governor Cathy Hochul has said that Rushdie is alive and has been taken to a safe place by helicopter and officials are monitoring the situation.

Rushdie is a British Indian writer

Salman Rushdie’s full name is Ahmed Salman Rushdie. They are named after the world’s greatest philosopher Ibn Rushd (Averroes). He was born on 19 June 1947 in an Indian Kashmiri Muslim family in Mumbai. Salman Rushdie’s father’s name is Anees Ahmed Rushdie. Rushdie grew up in Bombay and was educated at the Cathedral and John Connon School in the Fort in South Bombay. After moving from India to England, he graduated from Rugby School in Warwickshire and then from King’s College, Cambridge. He is a British Indian writer.

Salman Rushdie wrote many controversial books

Salman Rushdie has lived in the United States (US) since the year 2,000. Salman Rushdie wrote many controversial books. Like- The Satanic Verses This book has been banned in Iran since 1988. Many Muslims believe that Rushdie has committed blasphemy through this book. In this regard, the then supreme religious leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khamenei, issued a fatwa for the death penalty for Rushdie.

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