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Samantha Health Issues: South actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu dominates social media since her item song in the film ‘Pushpa’. Fans are as much crazy about her acting, dancing and fashion. He is equally convinced of his fitness. He is called a fitness freak. However, despite keeping herself fit, she has suffered from a serious illness.

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who has earned a name from many South films, has also faced serious illness. According to reports, after an investigation in the year 2013, he came to know that he is a diabetic patient. Although she has completely recovered from this disease after treatment, but due to this she had to leave films of many big directors including ‘Mani Ratnam’. Even for 6 months, he was kept on rest away from acting.

Not only this, earlier he was reportedly diagnosed with Polymorphs Light Eruption in the year 2012. This is a skin related (Samantha Skin Disease) problem and due to exposure to the sun, rash and rashes start appearing in the patient’s body. The skin looks scorched and burnt. It is also known as photo sensitivity.

There is no doubt that the actress sweats a lot to keep herself fit. But, in an interview, the actress herself had revealed that her immune system is weak. In such a situation, there has been a risk of infection on them again and again. Since all this, Samantha has been strictly following her workout and diet.

Samantha, who is fond of food and drink, now avoids sweets as well. She always likes to take fiber and protein rich diet (Samantha Diet Plan). Samantha likes to consume organic fruits and vegetables. For this, he has planted a lot of fruits and vegetables in his house. Along with eating and drinking, she also exercises every body part.

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