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Khargone: No matter what the profession, with innovation and experimentation in it, confidence always helps a person to move forward. Similar innovations have been made by the farmer of Itawadi village in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh regarding traditional farming. Which we can call the farmer who is a herbalist former medicine person. In the year 1999, a training was organized by SEEDMAP in Bhopal. Mohan Patidar, who took a bachelor’s degree in arts 20 years ago, also reached this training. Then he was introduced to the medicinal cultivation Safed Musli. After coming back, Mohan decided to cultivate Safed Musli in his field.

For this he took a loan of Rs 1 lakh from the bank. After which he started a new experiment in farming by getting the seeds of Safed Musli from Maharashtra. From then till today, he has been continuously cultivating Safed Musli. Meanwhile, there were many ups and downs in his life. Sometimes there was profit in farming and sometimes there was a loss, but he never forgot to cultivate Safed Musli. Not only Safed Musli, after this he is cultivating medicinal crops of Ashwagandha, Ginger and then Tulsi and Quinoa and now Akarkara with no hesitation success.

Not lagging behind in cultivating Arab origin

Mohan Sukhdev Patidar has 20 acres of his own land. This time he chose Akarkara, a crop of Arab origin in 1 acre, as a Rabi crop. Its cultivation takes 6 to 8 months. This crop is grown in temperate climate. In our country, Akarkara is cultivated in UP, MP, Gujarat, Haryana and Maharashtra. Akarkara needs more sunlight. Plants need a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees for germination and at least 15 and maximum 30 degrees for development. 35 degree temperature is more suitable at the time of ripening. Due to the stimulating properties of akarkara, it is considered beneficial for use by men and women in Ayurveda. Akarkara is the main medicine used for headache, cold cough, to reduce toothache, to remove bad smell in the mouth, for sweet tone, in addition to relief in respiratory problems, used in dozens of diseases or weakness. The flower, Panchangan and root of Akarkara are used as medicine in Ayurveda. Its price is up to Rs 400 per kg in the market.

South America’s Most Nutrient Crop

Quinoa is a plant of Bathuva species, it is extensively cultivated in South American countries. Due to the abundance of protein in quinoa, it is known as one of the best nutritious cereals. In its 100 grains, 14 grams of protein, 7 grams of dietary fiber, 197 mg. Magnesium, 563 mg. potassium and 5 mg. Vitamins are also found. Its price ranges from 50 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees per quintal in the international market. Quinoa is most commonly used in breakfast every morning. Due to which it is beneficial in reducing weight and controlling diabetes. It is also considered a super food in weight loss. Apart from this, it is used to keep the heart healthy, glowing skin, benefits in diabetes, anemia, digestion and strengthen bones.

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Tulsi cultivation will benefit

Mohan has just taken the production of Tulsi as a Kharif crop. The sandy loam soil is most suitable for the cultivation of Tulsi. Nursery is prepared in June-July. Apart from the medicinal properties of Tulsi, the presence of Tulsi plant in any house helps to relieve stress. Keeping this plant in the house purifies the air. It is believed that The Tulsi plant absorbs toxic gases from the air like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. The plant produces a pleasant aroma, which keeps the surrounding fresh.

Honored in Malaysia for organic farming

Mohan told that he is one of those farmers of Nimar who are also working to save the lost seeds by cultivating Safed Musli for 20 consecutive years. The method of cultivating its seeds is also unique. By these, the seeds are allowed to remain in the ground after the harvest. Keep the land inside as cold storage for two to four months. As soon as the orders of the farmers are received, they are taken out and sold. For preserving and promoting this crop, Mohan Patidar was honored with a citation in the year 2018 by the Commonwealth Vocational University of Malaysia.

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