Shani Gives Harsh Punishment To Those Who Harm The Environment Greed For Money


Shani Dev: Shani has been described as the magistrate of Kaliyuga. According to astrology, Shani Dev gives fruits on the basis of rebirth and good and bad deeds of this birth. Shani is the judge, so he never forgives those who do wrong things.

How Shani became a judge (Shani Story in Hindi)
According to legend, the father of Shani is Surya. But the father has insulted the mother. Angered by this, Lord Shiva has started his penance. Appearing through penance, Lord Shiva asked Shani Dev to ask for a boon. Shani Dev said that he wants to be worshiped more than his father, so that his father’s ego is broken. Lord Shiva blessed Shani Dev with being the best among the new planets, as well as giving him the boon of being the magistrate of the earth world.

Which people do Shani trouble the most (Shani Dev Punishment)
Saturn, despite being a cruel planet, gives auspicious results. It is not that Shani always gives inauspicious results. When Saturn is auspicious, it also gives immense success in life. It is believed about Shani that Shani Dev troubles those people the most, who do not follow the rules. Shani never forgives those who exploit those who are weak. Along with this, those who covet others’ money, use money to harm others, Shani gives very harsh punishment to such people when the time comes.

Shani is not disturbed, what to do for it (Shani Upay)
If you want to avoid the wrath of Shani, then always keep some things in mind for this. Always help others. Help the helpless persons. One should take interest in charity work. We should cooperate in improving the environment. Be the support of financially weak people. Serve leprosy patients. The grace of Shani Dev always remains on those who take care of animals and birds. Such people do not face any problem even in the Mahadasha of Sade Sati, Dhaiyya and Shani.

If this planet is strong, then the person’s sense of humor is fantastic, it is easy to say serious to serious.

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