Shilpa Shinde Gave Reason To Broke Her Engagement With Romit Raj



Shilpa Shinde: Actress Shilpa Shinde, who dominated the TV industry with the character of Angoori Bhabhi in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’, does not need any introduction. She has worked in many TV serials and has also been the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 11’. Talking about personal life, 44-year-old Shilpa is still single. However, she would not have been single if she had not called off her engagement with Romit Raj.

shilpa shinde and romit raj love story

Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj first met on the sets of ‘Mayka: Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka’. While working together, both of them fell in love with each other. Shilpa and Romit dated each other for 2 years and their families also had no problem with their relationship. As a result, in the year 2009, both of them got engaged and the marriage was about to take place, but the actress broke the engagement on the last occasion.

Why did Shilpa Shinde break her engagement with Romit Raj?

The reason Shilpa Shinde revealed about breaking the engagement with Romit was really surprising. The actress had told in an interview that, why did she break the engagement. Shilpa had said, “Romit and I got engaged a long time ago and I was very young at that time. I did not want to settle down during that time, but everyone around me wanted me to get married, because this is the right time. Later, things didn’t go well between Romit and I and we parted ways.”

Second love was found after breaking the engagement

Shilpa Shinde had revealed in a conversation with a media portal that, after breaking her engagement with Romit, she had fallen in love with a man and had also been in a relationship for some time, but unfortunately her experience of this relationship was not right. Since then Shilpa is single and she is enjoying her singlehood life.

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