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Mobile Safety Tips: In today’s time, a smartphone has become a necessity for all of us, but the biggest problem comes when this phone is stolen or lost. In this situation, the first thing most people do is to turn off the SIM. After getting the SIM switched off, they become relaxed, but later they find this carelessness heavy. Actually, apart from the SIM in the phone, your personal details, photos, banking details and some other important documents are there. The person in whose hands your phone will go can misuse all these. There have been many cases of withdrawing money or misusing data from stolen or lost phones. Today we will tell you what you should do to avoid such a situation.

keep these things in mind

If the phone is lost or stolen, apart from turning off the SIM, you should do these things immediately. This can save you from big trouble.

1. Logout of Gmail from Phone

If your mobile is lost or stolen, then logout your Gmail account immediately. Actually, it is necessary to login with Gmail in Android phone. Because your email id is in your bank records. In such a situation, the wrong person can easily do banking transactions from your phone. Due to the email, he will also have access to OTP, so he will not face any problem. Along with this, that Gmail can also hack your important mail. For Gmail Logout Login to Gmail on Desktop. Then click on the Profile section on the top right. Now go to Manage Account. Here click on the option of security in the left side. Now information about all those devices will be available in which login has been done. Now logout the most.

2. Logout from social media account also

You should login to your lost phone and logout from all social media accounts. For this you have to login social media account on social computer or laptop. After that logout from all the devices. You should always keep these apps password protected as well.

3. Logout from UPI App like PhonePe, Paytm

If the phone is stolen or lost, logout from all your payment apps. To logout you can contact the customer care number and request for closure of your account. If so, you can also block the account by logging in on another device.

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