Snake On A AirAsia Flight Terrifies Passengers Spotted Slithering Cabin Viral Video



Snake in AirAsia Flight: During air travel in Malaysia, there was a stir when passengers in the plane saw a snake. Passengers and crew members in the plane suddenly saw a big snake near the cabin light. Seeing the snake among the passengers, there was an atmosphere of panic. The pilot of the aircraft immediately diverted the aircraft and took the decision of emergency landing. AirAsia flight number AK 5748 was on the Kuala Lumpur to Tawau flight. Seeing a giant snake slithering over the passengers in the cabin light, the pilot was forced to divert the plane immediately.

Shock to find snake in plane

The aircraft’s chief security officer, Captain Leong Tien Ling, has told that he is aware of the AirAsia incident. He said that this is a very rare event which can happen in any aircraft from time to time. According to the Chief Security Officer, the decision to divert AirAsia flights was taken as a precautionary measure. Captain Leong has also confirmed that no one was harmed in this incident of snake found in the plane. However, he did not tell about what happened to the snake.

Decision to make emergency landing after snake is found

It is being told that during the flight of AirAsia’s domestic flight, the eyes of the passengers and crew members suddenly fell on the snake. The passengers got scared seeing the snake moving near the overhead light. After which the pilot decided to make an emergency landing by diverting the aircraft for the safety of the passengers and other reasons. However, it is not even known how the snake got into the plane. Earlier, even during Aeromexico flight, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing due to the snake found in the plane.

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