Switzerland First Country Ban Animal Testing Pharmaceutical Sector Experiments On Mice Rats Restrict Tobacco Advertising



Switzerland Ban Animal Testing: In Switzerland, there is a demand to ban animal testing before the use of drugs. In Switzerland, voters will decide through a referendum whether to ban animal testing here or not. With more votes in favor of the ban, Switzerland will be the first country in the world to ban animal testing. Along with this, strict controls on tobacco or cigarette advertising will also be considered.

Referendum on animal testing in Switzerland

People campaigning to ban Animal Testing want to end all experiments on other animals, including experiments on Rats. Enough signatures gathered to vote under the Swiss system of direct democracy. Supporters of the ban are also facing strong opposition from the country’s large pharmaceutical sector. Pharmaceutical companies say that such research is needed to develop new drugs. Proponents of banning animal testing allege that the practice of animal testing is morally wrong and unnecessary. Government data shows that more than 500,000 animals were killed in Swiss laboratories in 2020.

Pharmaceutical companies are telling animal testing for research is necessary

The most recent opinion poll showed that 68% of people opposed the proposed ban, suggesting that it is unlikely to be approved. A resolution to further ban tobacco advertising is likely to be passed, with 63% voting in favor. Voters’ responses will be binding on the government, which will decide how to implement the proposals. At present, pharmaceutical companies are saying that animal testing is necessary for research, while the supporters of banning it are calling it unethical.

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