Tanuja Slapped Dharmendra On The Sets Of Chand Aur Sooraj Due To This Reason



Tanuja Slapped Dharmendra: While working in films, many actors become friends, while some get into a tussle over some things. Something similar happened between Tanuja and Dharmendra when both of them were shooting for the film Chand and Sooraj. Tanuja was considered a strict and disciplined type of actress while Dharmendra was a Mastmoula type of person. There used to be a lot of laughter between the two during the shooting.

Tanuja also used to spend time with Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur and their children on the sets. According to media reports, Dharmendra used to flirt with every co-star at that time, but this time it was costly for him to flirt. When Dharmendra started flirting with Tanuja in the midst of fun jokes, Tanuja slapped him in anger.

Said in a loud voice- Shameless, I know your wife and you are flirting with me. Dharmendra was extremely embarrassed as he had no ill intentions. While celebrating Dharmendra said, Tanu my mother, I say sorry, please make me brother. Tanuja flatly denied saying,Ra is a brother and that is enough, and I am very happy with him, I will not make you a brother.

But Dharmendra was also stubborn. Dharmendra caught such insistence to make Tanuja a sister that eventually Tanuja had to tie a black thread on his wrist. Apart from Dharmendra and Tanuja, their children Kajol, Bobby also worked together in the secret film.

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