Twitter New Feature For Automated Accounts And Good Boats Check Here How It Will Work


Twitter Feature: Microblogging platform Twitter has launched a new service for automated accounts (known as bots) to identify themselves as ‘good bots’ by adding a label to their profiles, allowing people to switch from individual accounts to automated accounts. Helps to differentiate.

Twitter said that all automated accounts will now have the option to add a new label to their account profile. The label will give people additional information about the bot, and help them decide which accounts to follow, connect with, and trust.

The company said that this update comes after research that found that people wanted more context about the accounts they interact with. Twitter said in a statement, “The labels are designed to help “good bots” (those who share useful/relevant information and actually intend to improve the Twitter experience) increase their legitimacy and build trust and transparency with their audiences.” do.”

The company said it is looking at ways to “cleanse” its deadline these days and there are a whole series of “nice bots” on Twitter that can help do just that. It said that good bots can help people find useful, entertaining and relevant information every day. From sharing COVID-19 updates to informing people on traffic updates to even helping people find internships.

“There’s a whole bunch of developers working hard to create bots that are really useful and interesting. Good bots help make people aware of useful, entertaining and relevant information,” Twitter said. @mumbaitraffic, @bloodreqbot, @CovidvaxBLR, @internfinder and @The GermanBot are some of the ‘good bots’ on Twitter India.

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