Udaipur Boy Jumped In Front Of The Train At Bhilwara Railway Station, The Railway Employee Saved His Life ANN


Udaipur News: A major accident was avoided on Thursday night at Bhilwara Railway Station. Actually a young man suddenly jumped on the railway track from the station platform here. Then the railway employee Subhash Dixit standing nearby immediately ran to save the boy, who, on seeing him, fled on a different track fearing action if caught and that is why his life was saved. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed at the railway station.

the incident happened like this

Railway employee Subhash Dixit, who saved the young man’s life, told that the train was passing through LHA-ST main line at Bhilwara station at 9.07 pm at Bhilwara railway station. During this, a young man jumped in front of the train from platform 1 and stood with both hands outstretched. Then I ran after him to save the young man, but he ran away on another track. Seeing all this, the loco pilot also applied emergency brakes. The people standing there were shocked to see this sentence. At present, the young man escaped from the spot and the information about who he was is not yet available.

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suicide or stunt ,

At the same time, after the incident, everyone is speculating differently as to why the young man came in front of the train. Right now there is a lot of craze among the youth to make video-reels. In such a situation, it is believed that he came forward to make the reel but there was no other youth present who made the video. In such a situation, it is also believed that he must have jumped to suicide. Well, nothing saved the life of the young man due to the promptness of the employee.

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