Udaipur Corona Update Udaipur DM Tarachand Meena Infected With Coronavirus And Over 50 Positive Cases Found After 5 Month In Udaipur In Rajasthan Ann


Udaipur Corona Update: In different districts of Rajasthan corona (Coronavirus) has started spreading once again. Talking about Udaipur, after 5 months, the infection rate has increased to 6 percent. The big thing is that Udaipur District Collector Tarachand Meena (DM Tarachand Meena) has also come in the grip of Corona. He got the corona tested on the arrival of mild symptoms, the report of which has come positive. After this, he was isolated on Friday and kept giving directions to the officers through video.

Not only this, after the report came positive, his repeat sample was also taken, whose report would come on Saturday. This was confirmed by CMHO Dinesh Kharadi. On the other hand, more than 50 infected cases have come together in Udaipur after five months. The great thing is that the infected have started increasing since the beginning of August. While 18 were found infected on August 1, this figure has increased to 52 on August 5. According to the Medical Department, 863 people got tested on Friday. Of the infected, 35 were found from urban areas, of which 25 are new, 9 clause contacts and 1 Corona Warriors.

Here, 17 positives were found from rural areas, out of which 13 are new cases and 4 are of clause contacts. Earlier on February 18, 83 infected were found, but the rate was only 3-4 percent. At this time the rise of Corona is a matter of biggest concern for Udaipur. Rakhi After this, the tourist season is going to start in a strong way here. This is an opportunity for the traders to improve their financial condition after two years. In such a situation, if Corona dominates again as before, then the tourism industry will have to suffer a lot.


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