Ujjain Mayor Election Congress Bjp Candidate Face To Face Know Strength And Weakness ANN | Ujjain Mayor Election: BJP and Congress candidates face to face for the post of mayor, know



Ujjain Mayor Candidate: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress have declared candidates for the post of mayor in the religious city of Ujjain. After becoming the mayor, both the candidates are assuring the public of fulfilling the promises. Both are also making many promises among the public. Apart from this, they are not behind in telling themselves the best from each other.

BJP candidate comes from Berwa community
For the urban body elections in Ujjain, the Bharatiya Janata Party has made Mukesh Tatwal, the state officer of the Scheduled Caste Morcha, its candidate for the post of mayor. The Tatwals come from the Berwa community. On the other hand, if we talk about the former mayor, Madanlal Lalawat, Rameshwar Akhand, Soni Meher and Meena Jonwal have won four consecutive mayors from the Berwa community. In these, Soni Meher was elected mayor from Congress, while other candidates came after winning on BJP’s election symbol.

Tatwal made promises to the public
BJP candidate Mukesh Tatwal is confident that the BJP organization and the public will make the public representative of Berwa society as the mayor. He said that due to the dissolution of the board for some time, people had to face some problems. The new board will remove all the problems of the public. He said that Ujjain is full of possibilities and the development work going on here will be expedited after winning it.

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strength and weakness of mukesh tatwal
Talking about the strength of BJP candidate Mukesh Tatwal, becoming a mayor of several Berwa Samaj candidates continuously in Ujjain is one of the biggest strengths. Apart from this, along with the organization being strong, simple nature is included in their strength. While talking about his weakness, he has not contested any election for any post so far. This is believed to be a major weakness of Tatwal. Apart from this, there is also a fear of contravention due to the presence of many contenders in the BJP.

Parmar in the race for the post of mayor after MLA
Congress candidate MLA Mahesh Parmar has started public relations even before the name of BJP candidate is announced. They are touring the whole city. He made many serious allegations against the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that in Ujjain, water logging, dirt, slow pace of development works, problem of drains are causing problems for the people for many years. If he wins the election, then these troubles will be removed. However, when he was asked that the post of MLA is also big, why can’t development work be done while on the post of MLA? MLA Mahesh Parmar gave a roundabout answer to this question. He definitely said that this time the public is going to trust the Congress.

Mahesh Parmar’s Strengths and Weaknesses
If we talk about the strength of Congress candidate Mahesh Parmar, he has held many posts including District Panchayat President even before the MLA. He has a long political journey. Along with having knowledge of politics, he has a deep hold among the youth. On the other hand, if their weakness is seen, then the Congress in Ujjain is divided into many factions. Many candidates were in the fray for the post of mayor. The voice of opposition to fighting a public representative on two posts is also rising internally.

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