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Ukraine-Russia Tensions: Tensions have deepened over the Ukraine issue. The US has feared that Russia may attack only during the Beijing Olympics. In such a situation, clouds of crisis have started hovering over the world. America has warned that Russia will attack Ukraine before the Beijing Winter Olympics is over. At the same time, it is being told that about 30 thousand soldiers of Russia are engaged in conducting exercises on the border. Maneuvers are being conducted with many modern weapons including Russian tanks and helicopters. To respond to Russian preparations, America has also increased the deployment of its troops. Overall, the conditions of war seem to be forming.

Ukraine may be attacked during Beijing Olympics

US officials say that more than one lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on the Ukraine border. America is also busy in its preparations to give a befitting reply to Russia. American tanks have been delivered to Romania. In the same Poland, America has already increased 3 thousand soldiers. Other member countries of NATO have also increased the deployment of their troops. The situation of war seems to be building after America’s apprehension that Russia can attack only during the Beijing Olympics. The Beijing Olympics is to be held by 20 February.

Biden and Putin may hold talks on reducing tension

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said that we are getting signs of increasing the army from Russia on the Ukraine border. He said that we had said earlier also that the situation is at that stage where Ukraine can be attacked at any time. He has refused to share intelligence. But insisting that Russia can attack Ukraine only during the Beijing Olympics. The fear of war has also deepened because many countries including America, Japan have issued orders to return their citizens from Ukraine as soon as possible.

America has feared that Russia will first launch air strikes with missiles and when the shells are fired, they will not see which country’s civilian is being killed. After this, Russian soldiers will enter Ukraine and create havoc. However, in the meantime news is also coming that today US President Joe Biden will hold important talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of Ukraine.

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