UP Assembly Election 2022 Ex ED Officer Rajeshwar Singh Says Samajwadi Party Contesting Election To Save Mafia | UP Election 2022: Former ED officer Rajeshwar Singh’s big attack on SP, said



Rajeshwar Singh, former officer of the Indian Police Service (Rajeshwar Singh) is contesting from the Sarojaninagar Assembly seat of Lucknow. BJP (BJP) has made its candidate. He has started his campaign vigorously. His 12-year-old daughter Rajlakshmi Singh is also supporting Rajeshwar Singh in the election campaign.

Opposition accused of wastage of money

On Saturday, he campaigned in Vrindavan Colony. During this, he has said that we will not allow the mafia, who is wasting public money, to come out of jail. He said that in the governments of the opposition party, maximum money was spent on building the boundaries of the cemeteries. On the other hand, BJP has spent money on providing ration, toilets, housing and medicines to the people. His 12-year-old daughter Rajlakshmi Singh is also supporting Rajeshwar Singh in the election campaign.

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This former ED official said that this election will decide whether the mafia will rule the state or the law. The state will again get scorched in the fire of riots or the way for development will be paved. Targeting the Samajwadi Party, he said that it is fighting elections to give protection to the people mafia. Rajeshwar Singh said that his office will be open 24 hours after winning the election.

Battle of Sarojininagar

Sarojininagar is the seat of Lucknow from where minister Swati Singh was claiming ticket in the Yogi government. She had won the last election from this seat. At the same time, her husband Dayashankar Singh was also claiming from the same seat. But BJP did not give tickets to both of them from there. Dayashankar Singh has been given ticket from Bairia in Ballia.

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