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UPSC Interview Questions: Many candidates prepare for the UPSC exam for years. Despite this, it is not easy to clear all the three stages of the exam in the very first attempt. If you want to give an IAS level interview, then your preparation should also be of the same level (IAS Interview). Keep this in your mind at all times that the experts sitting in the interview panel can ask any type of question to test your reasoning ability (UPSC Interview).

It is often seen in UPSC interviews where the question of the interviewer is easy but the candidates make mistakes in answering. Here are some similar questions that can be asked in UPSC interview. From which you can get an idea about what kind of questions can be asked in the interview.

Question: Why did Shah Jahan build the only white Taj Mahal?
Answer: Shah Jahan chose white color, it may be his decision, but the marble of Makrana is considered better than the marble of other place. There is no effect of acid on the marble of Makrana.

Question: Imagine you are in a ship and that ship is sinking then how will you survive?
Answer: Candidates said- stop imagining and you will be saved.

Question: Who is the one whom no one comes to save when he sees drowning?
Answer: The candidates answered very cleverly and said – seeing the sun setting, no one comes to save it.

Question- Which is the country where public transport is free?
Answer- Luxembourg is the country where transport is completely free.

Question- What is it that the more it is cleaned, the more it will become black?
Answer- The more the black board is cleaned, the more it becomes black.

Question- What is such a thing that is bought to be eaten but it is not sown?
Answer- The plate of food is not sown.

Question: Which is the only country in the world where no snake is found?
Answer: New Zealand is the country in the world where no snake is found.

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