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Black Hawk Helicopter: America’s Black Hawk helicopter has created a new history by flying without a pilot. This helicopter took off without a pilot for the first time on Saturday (February 5). Let us tell you that usually two pilots fly this helicopter.

According to media reports, the helicopter flew at a speed of 115 to 125 mph at an altitude of about 4000 feet. It also made a successful landing after flying for about 30 minutes.

Created virtual city
Preparations for this test flight were done in the city of Kentucky, where a virtual city was created with the help of computers, in which imaginary tall buildings were built with the help of technology. The Black Hawk successfully completed the flight avoiding all these obstacles.

It is being told that excited by this success, America once again flew the Black Hawk helicopter without a pilot two days later. Although information about this has not been shared officially.

Features of Black Hawk Helicopter

  • Black Hawk helicopter can fly at a speed of 357 kmph. The operational range is 583 kms.
  • It is powered by General Electric’s T-700-GE-701C/D turboshaft engine.
  • It can fly with a weight of 9979 kg.
  • The price of one unit of this is $ 21300000.
  • Apart from America, the Air Force of many countries use this helicopter. These countries include Japan, Colombia, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, China, Mexico, Philippines etc.
  • It is said that the Taliban also have this helicopter.

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