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Ukraine Crisis: Tensions between Russia and the US have increased a lot over the Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile, a Russian anti-submarine destroyer chased down a US submarine near the Kuril Islands, forcing it to leave the country’s territorial waters. had to happen. Moscow made this claim on Saturday amid rising tensions over Ukraine. However, the US military has denied this.

What did Russia say about the American submarine?,
Russia’s Defense Ministry said during a planned military exercise the Marshal Shaposhnikov destroyer detected a US Navy Virginia-class submarine in Russian maritime territory near the Kuril Islands in the North Pacific. .

The ministry, without providing further details, said that the frigate crew “used reasonable means” when the US submarine ignored the claim to surface, and the US submarine withdrew at full speed. The ministry said that it has summoned the US defense attache in Moscow regarding this incident.

US response to Russian claim
However, the US military statement said, “There is no truth in the Russian claims of our operations in the Russian waters.” US Indo-Pacific Command spokesman Captain Kyle Raines said he would not comment on the exact location of the American submarines. But he added, “we walk and work safely in international waters.”

The Kuril is located in the north of the island of Hokkaido, Japan. It is controlled by Moscow as it was seized by Soviet troops during the Second World War. The alleged incident took place near the Kuril Islands of Urup, which is controlled by Russia.

Tension between Russia and the West is at its peak
The incident comes at a time when tensions between Russia and the West are at its peak. The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains. Russia has surrounded Ukraine with more than 100,000 troops from three sides. Washington warned that an all-out offensive could launch “any day”. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday denounced such claims as “provocation”.

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