Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022 Firozabad AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi On Hijab Controvery ANN | UP Election 2022: Owaisi’s appeal on hijab controversy, said



UP Assembly Election 2022: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi addressed a public meeting in Firozabad. He asked the stage, “When you go to vote on the 20th, you will wear a burkha and a mask. Do not be afraid, will you raise a slogan.” On this the voice of the people came, “Allah Hu Akbar.”

What did you say on Akhilesh
AIMIM chief said that yesterday the media people questioned Akhilesh Yadav. They are not heard, they do not hear the voices of the weak. You people have made members of his family as MPs. But they have kept this condition of Firozabad.

what about bsp
Commenting on the BSP candidate, Owaisi said that a friendship of 30 years has ended. Today we have made friends with Bablu Singh Goldie and will play like this too. We were told a video in which Azim Bhai, the husband of Bahujan Samaj Party candidate, is saying that you should vote for BJP by not voting for kites. Sworn to your children by swearing by the Quran. I am not saying this, Azim Bhai is saying this. One who swears falsely by the Quran, who betrays his friend of 30 years. What will not deceive the people of Firozabad?

vote for whom
Owaisi said that will you support the Samajwadi Party or will you ride an elephant, what will you do on the 20th. Pointing out that the kite would fly, Owaisi promised to the people working in the glass industry that if Babu Singh would make Kushwaha the chief minister, the duty of the laborer here would be for eight hours.

who fired the bullet
The AIMIM leader said that people say that we are against religion, it is not so. Four or four shots were fired at our vehicles. Which society shot at us, where did a person of any religion shoot? We say end hatred, maintain love.

He said that if anyone can defeat BJP from Firozabad, then he can defeat Bablu Singh Goldie. Let those who are Azim brothers sit at home. Those who are Chuttan brothers, they have got leave. So take Goldie Rathore on your shoulders and carry them forward.

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