Uttarakhand Khatima Priyanka Gandhi Targeted BJP On Many Issues Including Employment



Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2022: Today is the last day of campaigning in Uttarakhand. On the last day of campaigning, BJP-Congress have given full force for public support. At the same time, in the area of ​​​​Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Chief Minister of the state, Priyanka Gandhi made a ruckus today. During this, Priyanka Gandhi fiercely attacked the BJP. Priyanka targeted BJP and PM Modi on many issues including employment, migrant laborers.

Priyanka Gandhi said this on the issue of migrant laborers during the Corona period

Priyanka Gandhi raised the issue of migrant laborers during the Corona period and said, “The Prime Minister says in Parliament that Congress helped them (migrant workers) and spread corona across the country by doing politics. They were walking on the streets, there was no facility for them. Would we have left them like that? …were we doing politics? We were doing our duty.”

Chief Minister is distributing bindiya bangles, why is he not distributing employment: Priyanka Gandhi

While targeting the state government on the issue of employment, Priyanka Gandhi said, “These are the Chief Ministers sitting who are distributing bindiyas and bangles to you. Ask them why they didn’t give you employment. Ask them, where were you when our brothers and sisters were coming back from the cities? Where were you when the farmers were agitating?

Priyanka Gandhi said this on the issue of migration

Priyanka Gandhi further said, “There is more migration here. Why does this happen? When jobs are not being created in the state. Your state has everything – Himalayas, nature, tourism opportunities – but no jobs. People are migrating from here for jobs.”

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From CM to PM of the country only thinking about own development – Priyanka Gandhi

Targeting the central government, Priyanka Gandhi further said, “What is the biggest duty of a political leader? Service to the people, their development. Today all BJP leaders – from your CM to the PM of the country – are thinking only about their development. No one is thinking of you.”

Policies of the country are being run by two industrialists – Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka said that, “The policies of the whole country are going on for only 2 industrialists who are friends of PM. When the budget comes, it gives nothing for the poor, farmers, middle class, small and medium traders, they are the backbone of our country.

Voting is on February 14 in Uttarakhand

Let us tell you that on February 14, voting for 70 assembly seats in Uttarakhand is to be held. The results will be declared after the counting on March 10. At present, on the last day of election campaign, star campaigners from BJP to Congress are appealing to the public to vote by raising many issues.

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