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Kiss Benefits: Love in eyes… Love brings a big smile on the face, but this love is incomplete without a kiss. If there is love in your relationship then whatever will happen. Kissing is done to express love all over the world. Kissing is not only between partners, a mother does not know how many times she kisses her child. The elders in the family also do big kisses on the cheeks.

There is hardly any better way to express love. When a couple kisses each other, it brings many physical benefits along with love. Happy hormones are released in kissing. Which drives away stress and anxiety. Kissing makes your face muscles strong. Kissing also reduces the problem of wrinkles on the face. Let us know what are the benefits of kissing.

benefits of kissing

1- Increase immunity- You will be surprised to know that kissing increases immunity. This reduces hypersensitivity. According to a study, by kissing, the partner’s swava goes into each other’s mouth, due to which some new germs go into your mouth. This creates antibodies against those germs in the body and you do not get sick from them in future.

2- Happy Hormones Release- Kissing brings happy feelings in the body. Kissing releases chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, which strengthen your feelings and bond.

3- Remove stress- Kissing lowers the cortisol level and makes you stress free. Kissing brings a smile to the face. In such a situation, you get away from stress, fatigue and other problems.

4- Other benefits of kissing- Kissing keeps you young for a long time. This exercises your lips, cheeks, face, tongue, jaw and neck muscles. Kissing improves blood circulation, which reduces wrinkles and aging on the face. Kissing makes you healthy, beautiful and strong.

5- Make the facial muscles strong- Kissing strengthens the facial muscles. 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles are involved in continuous kissing, due to which there is no problem of wrinkles and the face remains young for a long time.

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