Valentine Week Hug Day 2022 Health Benefits Of Hugging Partner



Hug Day: Hug Day is celebrated on 12 February in Valentine’s Week. Hugging the partner is not only a beautiful feeling but it is also a good way to express feelings. Sometimes the things which cannot be expressed in words, that feeling can be conveyed by embracing it with love. On the day of Hug Day, apart from your partner, parents, brothers, sisters or friends should also be given a loving hug. Hugging someone not only makes you feel good, but it also has many health benefits.

  • Tension goes away According to studies, hugging a particular person reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Tension is removed by hugging, as well as the memory of the person is also sharp. Therefore, on this day, definitely hug your partner (PArtner) or friends.
  • good mood- According to research, hugging keeps the mood fresh. Actually, when you hug someone, your brain produces more serotonin hormone, which keeps your mood good. Apart from this, the ability to work also increases after hugging.
  • Beneficial for heart Hugging increases the level of love hormone oxytocin in the body. This keeps the heart healthy. Not only this, hugging also lowers blood pressure. According to a study, people who often hug their partner, their blood pressure remains under control.
  • Mental health is good If you often hug your partner or he always hugs you, then it means that both of you give full support to each other in every situation. Due to this your mental health remains good.

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