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Valentine’s Day 2022: These days, every loving couple is enjoying Valentine’s Week in a great way. If someone is going for a walk together, then someone is making this day special by going to dinner or giving gifts to each other. But some people with long distance relationship must be missing all these a lot because it is very important to be close to you to bring depth in the relationship.

In such a situation, there is a lot of problem for the people of Long Distance Relationship. But today we are going to make you such things, by following which you can make your partner feel close to you and strengthen your relationship.

write dil ki baat

People who are not able to meet their partner due to long distance relationship can write a letter for each other. Apart from this, you can send your heart by writing on the card with your hands. This will make your partner feel that you are with them.

sing in your voice

Apart from this, you can listen to your partner to record the song by himself. Hearing your voice, they will feel that they are near you.

send gift

Also, you can send a special gift for your partner through courier.

get the cake cut

If you know some of their special friends who live near your partner, then you can send them to get the cake cut. During that time you can add yourself through video call. With this, your partner will not feel your lack and will feel very good.

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