Vijay Kumar Sinha Reminded Of The ‘power’ Of The Speaker, Said – Do Not Take Us Lightly, Only Follow The Dignity Ann | Vijay Sinha reminded of the ‘power’ of the Speaker, said



Patna: Angered by the arbitrariness of the Thanedar, the anger of Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha is not taking its name to cool down. On Saturday, while reminding him of the power and authority of his position, he warned those who kept underestimating him in strong words. He said that everyone is aware of the rights and powers of the Speaker of the Assembly. It should not be misused by posture, so we only follow the limit. If people take it lightly, it will not be appropriate for them. In the name of action, the game of bringing misgovernance and raising the morale of misgovernance will have to be stopped in Bihar.

Government should take action by identifying

He said, “Many times there has been a discussion in this regard in the meetings. All the office bearers have to work honestly. If they mess up then it is unbearable. All such people who are just doing food in the name of work, they should not do anything. But action should be taken. Government should identify such people and take action. Time has come to establish a right environment in the state.”

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what is the whole matter

In fact, on the occasion of Saraswati Puja, orchestras were organized in different villages of Lakhisarai on the second day of worship. During this, the local people danced fiercely with the bar girls. At the same time, along with the display of weapons, money was also rained on the dancer, whose video went viral on social media.

Here, after the video went viral, the police, along with registering an FIR against some people, arrested two people who had only gone to see the orchestra. At the same time, then he was also asked to forcibly confess the crime. Along with this, he talked about giving bail by paying money. After this came to the fore, the Speaker of the Assembly became furious and reprimanded the police.

Strongly warned

He said that it is the responsibility of the police to enforce good governance in the state. This does not mean that they should create fear in the minds of people and do wrong things. If this is done then action will be taken. I will not allow Lakhisarai to become a pasture. I am the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly later, I am the public representative of the area first. In such a situation, if needed, a committee will be formed in the assembly and an inquiry will be conducted. At the same time, the people’s representatives who will raise this issue, their point of view will be heard seriously.

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