Watch: Anushka Sharma Shares Jam Making Video; Its All Things Soothing And Indulgent



When the lockdowns 2020 began, many of us discovered our culinary talents while being stuck at home. The kitchen, which wasn’t a majorly visited area in the house, suddenly turned into a place of fun-filled food adventures. The trend swept us off our feet. And it was the same for Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma too. The diva has recently opened up about one of her culinary tales in her latest Instagram Reels. She has posted a video that essays the process of making jam. According to the caption, the video was shot during the lockdown of 2020. The shots may be old but we cherished seeing Anushka in her kitchen.

The video starts when Anushka Sharma goes to her kitchen garden to pick fresh tomatoes for making jam at home. Then she brings her basket of tomatoes to the kitchen and washes them under a tap. She cuts slits into the tomatoes, blanches them and then transfers them to ice water for some time. After peeling off the skin of the tomatoes, she starts dicing them. She puts the diced tomatoes in a pan and cooks them for a while. With a lot of sugar, a bit of salt and other condiments, her jam is nearly complete. For a finishing touch, Anushka adds lemon juice in the jam. She also shows how she and her family relished the jam with sourdough bread.

Anushka wrote about the dish in her caption. “Throwback to lockdown 2020 when I had watched one too many food blogs, decided to shoot this jam-making video and thought that coronavirus will be gone by 2021.”

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Anushka Sharma loves to indulge in sweet treats. We have often seen her enjoying cakes, halwa, jalebi and more. One such indulgent affair was during the Christmas. On Christmas, she relished a delicious cake meant for the festive season. A rich plum cake covered with white chocolate ganache and decorated with holly leaves and berries is the perfect Christmas treat one can indulge in. Anushka’s Instagram Stories showed us a glimpse of this mouth-watering delight.

Once, Anushka Sharma showed us a breakfast jar that contained the sweetness of fruits and seeds. A jar filled with chia seeds, fruit slices and other seeds seems to be a truly healthy way to start one’s day.



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