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What is SEO & which is the best tool

You known that a blog is the headache there is many thing which we are not able to do properly we have hire a proffestional blogger for do all this things.  the title is seo what is seo and how is it works. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation  this is not a tool but  to index our posts in google search atleast you should have some knownledge. if you are in blogger don’t want seo tools etc because google you to rank your site but there some process you should index your site google webmaster, and also make own site map it will to rank your site.

Now the people who are already in wordpress they should konw that there is some plugins to install Yoast  this a free plugins to use but they also have premium plugins but that ok but don’t buy premium because because they were full featured in free version.  I will give some difference between in premium version and free version .

Free version 

In free version they should give you all set up featured and there is some keyword seraching limits i think 20 to 30 and also benefit to index our posts and site. 

premium version 

In premium version they give you to use all premiums featured there nothing key word limits  you  have to search so many keyword.

But I will recommeded that please use free version but if you are a higher level  blogger you need to buy this tool. if you want to known how to find low competitions keyword as soon as possible i will write my new blog on how to find low competitons keyword.



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