WhatsApp Upcoming Feature WhatsApp Voice Calls New Design And Latest Update


Whatsapp Upcoming Features: WhatsApp has reportedly started rolling out a new user interface for voice calls to some beta testers. According to a report, WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for Android users through the Google Play beta program. Version The design of the app window that appears during a group voice call is changing. References to the design change were already found in the last beta update for iOS and Android users. The report also reveals that the platform is adding voice waveforms for all people during a group call. Voice waveforms are similar to those seen in voice notes.

According to a report, the changes in the design are minimal but they give a fresh look to the page. The report further states that the new design is currently available only to a few Android beta testers, but the platform may make it available to more users in the times to come. Since this feature is only available in the beta version, it is not yet known when the design will be released publicly.

The update may bring another feature to improve the user interface for voice calls. The feature reportedly allows you to use the wallpaper for voice calls. Although there is no way to customize it at this time, WhatsApp may add this feature in the coming updates.

WhatsApp is also testing new design changes to the in-app camera. With the last beta update, the company has redesigned the Switch camera icon. The icon is smaller than in the previous version. Apart from this, WhatsApp has also removed the horizontal bar that showed recent pictures in the phone’s gallery. The platform has also replaced the gallery button at the bottom of the screen. With the update, the button now shows the last photo saved on your smartphone.

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