Why Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai Broke Down After A Film Screening



Basavaraj Bommai was seen in images wiping his tears, also recommends it as a must-watch.


Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai broke down at a screening of the movie “777 Charlie” yesterday. The movie, Mr Bommai said, reminded him of his dog Snooby that died last year, just a few weeks before he took over as Chief Minister.

Kannada movie 777 Charlie, released on June 10, depicts the bond between a man and his pet dog Charlie. It has gathered thousands of fans since its release.

The Chief Minister, who was seen in images wiping his tears, also recommends it as a must-watch.

“There have been movies about dogs but this movie shows animals with emotions. The dog has its emotions through its eyes. The movie is good, and everyone should watch it. I keep talking about unconditional love. A dog’s love is unconditional love, which is pure,” Mr Bommai told reporters.

On social media, images of the Chief Minister weeping at the screening were shared along with photos of him in tears after his dog Snooby’s death. Photos showed him hugging and kissing his pet’s garlanded body.

Mr Bommai’s pet died in July last year, before he took charge as Karnataka Chief Minister, replacing BS Yediyurappa.

He has shed tears more than once at the memory. A few months after Snooby’s death, he broke down during an interview when visuals of the funeral were shown.

After watching the movie starring Rakshit Shetty, the police in Karnataka’s Mangalore recently named their newest sniffer dog Charlie. The police also held a special ceremony for the dog.

The movie has been released in five languages, including Hindi.



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