Why Train Tire Are Made Of Metal Carbon Black


Why Train Wheels Are Made Of Metal: If you look at the wheels of different modes of transport (Modern Transportation Vehicles), you will find that the wheels of a train or metro running on metal tracks are different from the wheels of our cars and bikes. Is it because of speed or is there something else?

Why are train wheels made of metal?

The train has to cover more distance at high speed, that too with heavy weight. Like the road, there are neither potholes on the railway track nor are they rough. Also, they do not apply brakes in place because they run in very high momentum. Since they have to take breaks at long intervals and distances, they do not need much friction. That’s why metal wheels are used so that neither much friction is created nor the speed is affected.

Why are the wheels of road vehicles made of rubber?

  • Friction: Road moving vehicles (Intermediate Public Transport) like cars, buses, trucks, bikes etc. have to face more friction while moving. This is also due to the materials used in road construction. The wheels of these vehicles do not get damaged due to friction, so they are made of rubber. Along with this, a chemical powder called Carbon Black is also added to make them stronger. Despite the heat emanating from the vehicle due to this chemical and the friction caused by the wear and tear of the wheel-road, the wheels remain safe and there are no accidents of any kind.

  • Speed: The speed of vehicles varies. How the wheel will be in which vehicle depends on the maximum speed that vehicle can catch and the distance it can cover in maximum speed.

  • region: Which vehicle will be driven in which terrain affects how it should have wheels. That’s why a vehicle running on a mountain has wheels that are wider than the rubber tires of a vehicle running on a normal road.

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