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Winter Tips: Many people have a habit of wearing woolen clothes during the winter season. In such a situation, people should know that sleeping only wearing woolen clothes can cause harm.

restlessness and anxiety

Experts say that in the winter season, the blood vessels constrict a lot. After this, when you sleep wearing woolen clothes and put a quilt on top, it becomes very hot. Due to this, problems like restlessness, nervousness, low blood pressure also come to the fore. In this way the body remains warm, although the heat inside the body does not get a chance to escape, due to which the body gets a lot of damage.

rash or itching

Sleeping wearing woolen clothes in winter can also damage the skin. Many people can be allergic to wool. Due to which the problem of itching, rashes etc. can also be seen.

Heart patients at risk

Diabetes and heart patients need to take great care during this time. Woolen clothes lock the heat inside the body, due to which the heat inside the body can put diabetes and heart patients at risk. In such a situation, wear light clothes only at night.

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