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Earn Money From Youtube : Looking at the future, many tech companies are turning to the metaverse. Last year Facebook also announced its entry into it. He changed the name of his company and went from Facebook to Meta. Recently, Reliance also invested in one such company. Now there is news that the world’s largest tech company Google will also step into the metaverse. First this will be done through YouTube. Let us know the complete plan and how it will benefit the common people.

Digital Art Market to be created

According to the report, Google will now bring a blockchain based non-fungible token (NFT) through its YouTube platform. This will be completely different from the current YouTube system. It will be like the metaverse. There will be a single digital art market, where there will also be video and gaming content. With this, users will also be able to earn money.

earning like this

Now it is important to understand how users will be able to earn money easily under this new system. In fact, when you enter any of your unique videos, photos or other content in the new system i.e. NFT, you will get Rs. Here other users buy and save your work. In this way its value increases and your income also increases. Let us tell you that Facebook is working very fast on the metaverse. Apart from this, he has started preparing to provide NFT features on Instagram as well.

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